Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We have been writing explanations. Come and read! You may learn something new?

How To Be A Safe Passenger
By Ayla
    Put on your seatbelt because if there was a crash you might get injured. Make sure you check your seatbelt because when the car stops you would go forward and hit your head.
    Always check your seatbelt is on safely and not tangled because then you’re not safe.
    When you put on your seatbelt make sure it is tightly on because then it is not on properly.
    Make sure your seatbelt is on securely because then your car seat is not in probably and then you’re not safe.
    If you’re the oldest make sure the youngest has their seatbelt on because they might get hurt. If the youngest doesn’t know how to put their seatbelt on try teaching them, or you can do it for them so that they will be safe too.

How To Write A Story
By Carol
   How do you write interesting stories you ask?
Follow these writing tips and you will be writing great stories in no time!
   First of all you should always read books to get good ideas for your story, because you can find quotes that you might like to use in your story.
   It is important to edit each finished page thoroughly so you don’t leave any mistakes.

How to be a Safe Passenger
By Jared
Put your seat belt on so that you don’t hurt yourself when the car stops fast.
Don’t put your hand near the Press button because it will take your seat belt off.
Don’t touch the person who is driving because you will distract them from driving.
If you crash and electricity falls on your car stay in the car so you don’t get an electric shock.
When someone is closing the door never stick your hand out!

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